Starnino Mostovac is a boutique law firm founded in 2004, with an exclusive practice in tax litigation (both civil and criminal tax).

​The firm represents corporations as well as individuals in all facets of their interaction and/or disputes with the tax authorities (Quebec Revenue Agency and Canada Revenue Agency).

​The firm’s areas of practice include audits, objections, voluntary disclosures, collections proceedings, contestations, trials and pleadings before all levels of provincial and federal courts.

The firm is, in fact, the largest of its kind in Quebec providing services exclusively related to tax litigation.

As well, the firm is able to meet the needs of clients requiring other types of tax services, such as tax and estate planning, by referring them to recognized and competent extra professionals. As such, the firm is affiliated with Me Murray Sklar, a well-known and experienced tax attorney.

Our motto: Every tax problem has a solution.

Our approach to every case begins with an understanding of the needs, expectations and objectives of each client followed by a suggested plan of action. While relying on the latest legal research tools and technology, the firm remains up to date on tax developments as they occur.